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From 0 (zero) to paying customers on 7 weeks or less, this is what we help you achieve by joining Academy4startup

''Start your business the right way''


As a student of Academy 4 Startup you'll have full support of the team through the full startup process. We invested in innovative practical materials that will help you on each step of your business.


OUR MODEL OF TEACHING IS BASED ON CONTINUOUS FEEDBACK from the experienced coaches, businessmen guests, advisers and members of the community Academy 4 Startup.


Academy 4 Startup has a unique method of validating your business idea and all you've learned in order to find your ideals clients and offer them your idea that solves their problems.

Success Stories

”There is only one thing that every successful people have in common: MENTORS!”
I’m Laurentiu Dorobantu and I am happy to meet you
I'm passionate about entrepreneurship and, therefore, my goal is to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas into successful businesses. As a Startup Expert & Mentor I had the opportunity to help various people from all over the world transform their passion into a business. I pursued an Executive MBA at Cotrugli Business School and then qualified as Speaker & Coach in USA at the institutes John Maxwell, Les Brown & Bank Code. The corporate experience as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies has helped me in founding the Academy 4 Startup.
Nice To Meet You, I’m Mihai Stanca
I'm proudly CEO of Leaders Academy and CSO at Les Brown Unlimited! As a Speaker & Coach certificated by Les Brown & Bank Code in USA, I had the opportunity to help people all over the world to achieve their dreams and helping them run their dream businesses. The experience of more than 10 years as a Logistics Manager for Southeastern Europe in a multinational consulting company has helped me empowering people to achieve their goals. I am a professional engineer and I have a Master in Project Management, plus other degrees from various areas, from accounting to communication and sales techniques. Are you ready to transform your dream company into reality? Let's do it now!

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We help people bring their business ideas to life. Attending the classes of our Academy will explain how businesses are really done in the real world! Our goal is to offer entrepreneurs the chance to have a better approach to develop and manage their ideas. We truly believe that entrepreneurial thinking can change the world.


We developed a method that helps you identify your business idea and validates it. Being in a supportive environment will help you build a stronger mindset and mentality.


The methodology is updated for nowadays needs and businesses. With our suport you'll have access at all the information that you need to create and validate minimum viable products for paying customers and finally analyze the results, learn to make your financial projection and the launching strategy.


A startup-er needs more than theoretical information and the difference is made by practice. The experienced coaches will guide each student to transform the business plans into reality through innovative techniques.