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``Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.``

Academy4Startup was founded as a result of our life experience. After working for over 15 years in various roles for fortune 500 Companies in senior management position, starting multiple companies, attending over 100 seminar for personal and business development and MBA business School we found that there is a lack on the market for your trip to being a successful entrepreneur and that is TO BE A SUCCESSFUL STARTUP.
75% of the people world wide are stuck because they do not know where and how to start their adventure in the entrepreneurial world and here is where Academy4Startup will help you.
We have created a unique program, with proven results, tested and validated on over 100 people already and on top we have the best way of delivering the course to you. We will be there with you all the way, providing individual feedback, mentoring and holding your hand in your steps to success that is why we are 100% sure that by joining the academy you will have the success you want – Paying customers for your validated business idea in 3 simple, proven steps: Desire-Design-Develop.

Meet the


Mihai Stanca

Founder, Trainer & Business Coach


★ Serial Entrepreneur

★CSO & Founding Member for Les Brown Romania

★Founder & CEO for Leaders Academy

★Motivation Expert & Coach

★Startup Mentor & Coach

★Project Management Certified Trainer

★Certified Speaker & Coach (Les Brown )

★Certified Trainer Bank

★Certified Trainer ANC RO

★Over 12 years Top Management for SE Europe


★ Serial entrepreneur

★ President Les Brown Romania

★Les Brown business partner

★Motivation Expert & Coach

★Startup Mentor & Coach

★Executive MBA @ Cotrugli Business School

★Certified Speaker & Coach ( The John Maxwell Team & Les Brown )

★Senior Consultant for Fotune 500 Companies

Laurentiu Dorobantu

Founder, Trainer & Business Coach

We are so confident in our program therefore we offer a special guarantee. Implement 100% of training for the next 12 months and if you don’t generate, validate and cash in you will receive a full refund plus a $1,000 gift.