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From the START to PAYING customers in 10 weeks or less

9 out of 10 startups fail in the 1st 3 years of their life because they do not start the right way and although there are a lot of trainings out there there is none that will literary hold your hand all the way from the starting design of your product/service to validating your idea and cashing in your 1st check.

The class is designed in 7 steps to be completed in 7 weeks followed by a 2 day bootcamp where we go together, from how to choose the right idea all the way to your 1st paying customer.

The class starts on 6th of July to 17 of August and it is followed by the Las Vegas Bootcamp (24th -25th of August)

We are so confident in our program therefore we offer a special guarantee. Implement 100% of training for the next 12 months and if you don’t generate, validate and cash in you will receive a full refund plus a $1,000 gift