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Netus et malesuada fames ac. Eget gravida cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis.


Win a scholarship up to 90% of the program fee. We offer scholarships worth over 200.000$ in total!

You can be one of the lucky and worthy winner! Are you ready to get from the startup idea to the paying customers with the support of experienced businessmen?

From the start to paying customers in 10 weeks or less

9 out of 10 Startups fail in the first 3 years of their life because they do not start the right way and although there are a lot of trainings out there there is none that will literary hold your hand all the way from the starting design of your product/service to validating your idea and cashing in your 1st check.
The class is designed in 7 steps to be completed in 7 weeks followed by a 2 day Bootcamp where we go together, from how to choose the right idea all the way to your 1st paying customer.

The class starts on 6th of July to 17 of August and followed by the Las Vegas Bootcamp (24th -25th of August)

We are so confident in our program therefore we offer a special guarantee. Implement 100% of training for the next 12 months and if you don’t generate, validate and cash in you will receive a full refund plus a $1,000 gift

Breakthrough #1


Starting from your own business idea, we help you validate it through our innovative method. And also, you’ll learn how to validate business ideas on your own.

Breaktrough #2


We apply all the theoretical useful information to your business plan. We’ll be right next to you on your first steps on transforming your idea into reality.

Breakthrough #3


Our team has already helped other startup-ers build their businesses and we noticed that you need help even after the business is a reality. Therefore, our program continues until you cash in from your first customers.

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Offer us 7 weeks. You will never be the same again. Once you learn what we have to teach you, unless you somehow lose your memory, it will be impossible for you to ever be “ordinary” again.

It would be virtually impossible for you to not know how to finally create the successful business you desire and close new clients quickly and effectively with our  system. But if you can’t cast-aside your skepticism, please do not waste any more of your time reading any further.

So, we’d like to welcome you to the “Best” of your life. You deserve the good life. It’s based entirely on the choices you make.

We have now opened the doors for you. Take action now to secure your seat to the event! This is an amazing opportunity that will not last long.

„More money for shoes, girls.”


“Thanks to the Academy 4 Startup I earn now more than I ever did. They managed to speed up my success.”

Cristiana N., Branch Manager, Multinational Company

„I regained my inner peace.”


Fast results? Is that in your interests? Well, only experienced people can drive you and with them I just did that.”

Elena B., HR Manager, Multinational Company

„This guys are professionals.”

“Mihai and Laurentiu are two amazing persons that stand out in this crowdeed world we live in.”

Cosmin T., International Speaker, Trainer and Antrepreneur

„In life you need unique people.”

“This experience is one of a kind.”

Silvia D., Development Director, Multinational Company

„I am trained by the founders.”


Improve and become a leader. I learned how to be in control of my life’s outcome.”

Oana C., Jurnalist

„I started earning 8 times more after 2 months.”


From 500$ to 4 000$, from employee to business owner it took exactly 2 months.

Ciprian P., Real Estate Entrepreneur

„I tripled my income in 30 days.”


”I managed to triple my earnings in only one month, and that is due exclusively to the Academy’s advice and techniques.

Pavel R., Professional Photographer

„I doubled my income in 2 weeks.”


In less than 2 weeks since I met Mihai and the Academy, I started working with them and I managed to double my earnings.

Rami S., Digital Marketing Agency Owner


There are two types of people in this world. The first group is very small. They are the people who get what they want in life, are extremely successful, are financially free, and live life on their own terms without compromise. 

They achieve this because they know how to present themselves effectively in the first four seconds, communicate that what they offer is of immense value to the other person, and then tell them why they must take the next step to create a relationship.
The second group is the made up of everyone else. This is the group that leaves their success up to chance and works countless hours banging their head against the wall trying to get ahead, but always fall short of the mark.

Are you ready to step into the group who
creates the life they want, by design? Join us!


1. What to wear?

Dress the way you want to be perceived. It is recommended to wear a suit. It can be basic black suit and wear a dress shirt in one of the five colors. White, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow. Again, this is not mandatory. You will want to dress the way you want to be perceived.


2. Is photography/recording allowed?

Yes, but only during times specified by us. This is some of the most effective, high value Startup training available today, and it’s not to livestreamed or shared outside of the room.


3. What should I bring?

* Healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up.

* A sweater  – the room is kept very cold.

* A charger for your phone.

* A notebook and several pens.

* A positive attitude.

5. Breaks?

A 30 minute break is givens.


6. Parking?

To be announced.


7. What time does it start?

To be announced.